Hiding the Vicodin


Who was Sadie Hawkins, anyway?

I have signed with Take 3 Talent, a commercial casting agency (and still freelance for Legit roles) and shot images for Consumer Reports May, 2016 issue on Bad Doctors...

How Many Plows?

Back when I worked at WWOR TV, I had a segment called the "Snowplow Challenge." I went with my camera crew to villages and neighborhoods throughout the Tri-State and ranked how well each municipality had plowed the roads.

This is what you wanted to see, right across the TV screen, over shots of your town:  

"Lodi, New Jersey: 5 Plows!!"


This week, how many plows does your town deserve? (This is ours, below.)


Before the big blizzard, in the East Village, I shot a PepsiCo project for Latin America. (I'm often cast for every ethnicity that I'm not.)


And a commercial for Philips Electronics, as a real-life marathon runner.

Though in the winter in the Bronx, this marathon was on a treadmill.



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